United We Van.
Divided We Stall.

Supporting the Nomadic Community.
Making the World a More Inspiring Place.

Collaborative Projects

We organize and promote collaborative projects that highlight the talent and diversity in the nomadic community, and help fund our community initiatives.

Fostering Community

We organize and support vanlife gatherings that bring nomads together and foster diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the community.

Giving Back

We raise money for important causes that align with the values of the nomadic community, and organize service projects to give back to the places we call home.

United We Van Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The United We Van Shop

Awesome collaborative products by nomads, for nomads. All proceeds support the United We Van mission.

Midwest Vanlife Gathering

Each May, nomads of all kinds gather in the serene woods of the Midwest to participate in something truly special.

The Midwest Vanlife Gathering is a can't-miss weekend of community, camaraderie, educational workshops, outdoor activities, diversity and inclusion, community-driven live music, kick ass meals, and raising money for some awesome causes. And let's not forget the tons of van tours, meeting fellow nomads, and soaking up tips and tricks for life on the road!

Since 2018, the Midwest Vanlife Gathering has brought together hundreds of nomads, and raised over $14,000 for various nonprofits.

The Third Annual Midwest Vanlife Gathering will be held May 7th-10th, 2020 in Southern Illinois.
Cancelled due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Read more about vanlife during a global pandemic here >>

Raising Money for Important Causes

Through the Midwest Vanlife Gathering and sales of the collaborative products in the United We Van Shop, we've raised thousands of dollars for causes that are important to the nomadic community.